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people can come in and we'll honor voucher autos in the larkspur police department some gun owners were not happy. >> i waited in line two hours. when i got to the front of the line they told me they were giving out vouchers no more cash. >> i can tell you with funds we started with we ran out within an hour, hour and a half and it's going to be a consistent drive. it's going to be something they're going to have to plan for and reach out for. >> they're gg to be going to their backers. he'll try to raise more money f you'd like to contribute to
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the program, which includes4qsrz guns coming from san francisco, and contra costa county and marin county, you can find the information on our web site, abc 7 just look under see it on tv. we've got a link to it. and goitsing to take about 30 days for them to raise cash. but next monday, martin luther king birthday, they're going to have another buy back program and will be handing out vouchers instead of cash but hoping for another big turnout. >> thank you very much. san francisco is moving closer to enacting a tough gun control measure. the supervisor introduced legislation making it illegal for residents to possess ultradeadly hollow point bullets. which pose a hazard to law enforcement. the bill would require stores to notify police if someone buys large amounts of ammunition. >> purchases 500 rounds or more, or frequency of purchases we'd like there to
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be a data base for that. then, we want to ban the more lethal ammunition there. is no place for it on the streets. >> a lot of year, san francisco defend a local law requiring safe storage of handguns and a ban against the sale of hollow point bullets. the national rifle association challenged both laws. >> a man turned up dead in the trunk of his car, now, investigators are looking for the person response yichblt a deputy discovered sean parker's body checking in a car near snonla state university. it appears the car had been there since saturday. parker was wanted in a case in santa rosa. deputies found hipz girlfriend's blood in the car. they say she's not a suspect in the death. >> the oakland police department wants some help from the alameda county sheriff's department to make streets safer. the city council is considering a proposal to have deputies patrol city streets. nick smith is live with the story. this is the result of alarming violence in oak lnltd.
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>> that meeting is happening now. we'll go live neating. >> this counsel member says oakland needses twice as many officers on the streets. >> we're talking about having a normal-sized police force with our challenges that needs basic protection. >> a thousand officers would be 387 more, and more than the 40 expected to graduate from the current academy. that is why sthe says passage of a proposal to put members of the sheriff's office on patrol and quick auj saigs of a police academy beginning in tune is key to reducing crime. >> i can be hopeful that that support will continue to the full council. >> there is a request to hire 32 -- 21 civilian employees.
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the police chief says 90% of the killings and shootings are directly tide to two groups in:t a war erupted after a 16-year-old girl. she was shot and killed when leaving a store with friends on n.august. the spike has city leaders looking for help. a proposal to help former new york and langs police chief brat onas a conis sultant is a plan put forward by the chief. >> a lot of stuff he does really depends on the community. >> a community beseejd by gun violence, police say a man was shot and they won't give many details but said is he expected to survive. >> they seem to work to take community voices, community experience off the table. >> more officers on the
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streets and others argue more community policing and less involve frmt outside sources. i just had a conversation with the chief who felt the need to explain urgency around so stop and frisk. and he's says imper tiff the stit sit sens know he and officers will not engage in anything unlawful or tarot typing and went on to say part of this stems around at decision of william brat onas a consultant, the former chief of both los angeles and new york city has employed stop and risk in the past. he says once against ghaen is not something he and officers would use. >> investigators asking for
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help in solving the murder ofl a teen-aged boy last week. he was shot and killed early friday. the sheriff says witnesses to the shooting supposed to come forward and at least one county supervisor is now suggesting officials consider installing more joyed cameras to help provide clues in cases when witnesses will not cooperate. and an 18-year-old max wade wants his case moved out of marin county. his toushs say he cannot get a fair trial there. he is accused of stealing a famous chef's lamb genie then trying to kill him and her. >> police are on the lookout for a hahn accused of killing a dog during a robry. here is a picture. there is a $3,000 reward for the 35-year-old police say he stole money from a woman in thel4í" tender loin neighborho, then threw her dog into oncoming traffic.
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the 12-year-old died at the vet. he will face charges. >> midnight tonight a landmark will be gone. pete's harbor. boat owners have been ordered to leave by then. abc 7 news is live in r with the story. vick? >> there is still boats left here at pete's harbor. the deadline to leave is about six hours from now. but those boat owners are not going make that deadline because they can't, or they decided not to. >> tenants from the rv lot said goodbye autos laif board boat owners set sail. after 60 years, the harbor will close to make way for a luxury residential complex. slips only available to new tenants. the individual wido is selling
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their 11 acre property. >> change is hard but it's time. and we hope new beginnings open up new chapters. >> for many of the live aboards ending old chapter is difficult. bee to live providing beauty to many people. >> she p her husband have lived here aboard their 37 foot sail boat for a couple years.a=x" they're preparing to leave. most have left. yellow tape mark empty slips. only 20 boats are still left out of 90 moored here in august. many need repairs and unable to push off, other says they'll stay until all of their legal options are exhausted. there two harbors on the property. one family owns inner harbor and jaisent rv lot. leasing the outer harvor. the defiant boat owners are fighting developer plan to
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private ties outer harbor which is now open to public berthing. that is where paul's boat is moored. >> we don't sprob remembers with owners developing property. but this belongs to the people of california. that is what we're concerned about. >> so what happens after the midnight deadline? >> we are gooding to have to use legal proceedings available to us. and only one thing is certain. at the end of the day, an oold landmark will be gone. one spokesman says there are about seven boat owners who asked permission to stay here beyond the deadline. the spokesman says theirg í now there, is still hope for the remaining boat owners here. the redwood city city council will hear their appeal at the end of the month. and also, the lawyer for these boat owners have filed a lawsuit challenging the evictions.
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>> still ahead tonight the san jose state takes a big first step towards an overhaul of college as we know it. how california is trying to make higher education more affordable. >> we're live tonight in san francisco international airport. the idea of a name change has little lit up conversation on the abc 7 news facebook page. >> if you're tired of the cold snap,
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sky 7 live over the mission district. the s.w.a.t. team and hostage he s.w.a.t. team and hostage suspect out of the home.
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>> this is the 20th avenue and anza street in richmond no. word on what the man did that brought police to his door, police say he barricaded himself inside and refused to come out. >> they're not saying if he is armed but nobody hasm$vmr been t at this point. >> moving on, san jose state ready to offer online courses for college credits. big announcement some say will be a game changer in education in california.  n. >> remember this investor at google, part time pro foeser at stanford university and co-founder of a start up oo. i want to level the playing field for everybody. >> san jose state announced a partnership with udacity offering free online math courses for college credit. some say it's a game changer. >> after all, we're here in
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san jose the capitol of silicon valley, cradle of create activity. >> this with you will use pro fessers to marry the best of technology and teachings in a online platform. >> i'll be communicating with students via chat, tutoring them. >> cost is just $150. there is a mandate to reach out to under served high school students. allen likes the idea. >> i feel like it may be cheaper for me, i like online courses because it helps me focus more. >> the governor is convinced ji to improve access reducing costs is critical to solving the state's education crisis. >> it's an experiment. we're going to learn together that. is how i thil thi we'll succeed. >> classes will be limited to 100 students each.
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>> two, three, it's going to be better. >> the classes begin at the end of the month and the ceo says other states are already >> and the governor will attend a session in which the university of california system will consider expanding it's online offerings. uc spent $4 million to market the idea only one person wasn't a student has signed up for any of the 14 courses. >> san francisco festival goers should expect a change incoming months because this afternoon, the board approved a ban on smoking in outdoor festivals and parades. but don't expect ples tov!jm@3 patrol events. promoters will be responsible for informing people of the ban. if it gets approval it could take part for the new year's parade. >> there is a new proposal to
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change the name of san francisco international airport to honor harvey milk. later this year, voters in san francisco could have the final call. abc 7 news is live at sfo with the story for us. >> carolyn, the supervisors would still, and a majority have to sign off on this. if that happens, then, it will go before voters in november. supervisor harvey milk was the first openly gay politician in california now could be the first gaykço' person to have an airport named in his honor. >> this is the time when the city like san francisco can make a statement and recognize the contributions had a important figure in lgbt hist rirks harvey milk. >> this will be a terrific
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honor. >> state assemblyman was a3nij teacher when working on milk's election camp skbrain thinks after 35 years, even in liberal san francisco, the idea will not be without controversy. >> my advice to the supervisor is you're in for a bumpy flight. >>?!9x airport commission would have to go along but commissioners said they want analysis of other possible name sakes and a cost analysis. campos thinks private fund kog cover it but agreeing comes first. >> there are 40 million people that fly in and out of san francisco international airport. every year the idea these people get to learn about harvey milk is something that is very significant.púñ >> campos might have to start with educating younger voters. >> no. >> why not? >> it's san francisco. i don't get why they're
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putting that though. >> do you know who harvey milk is? >> no. >> campos estimates it would cost about $50,000. and hopes to get that through private funding but san jess yeah tells us that their name change costs more like $900,000. >> possibility of the change generated quite a conversation on our page. you can join in on >> something else people have been talking about is cold weather that has been frigid we've had seven days of it. >> seven days coming to an end. without warnings, things moderating a bit. under clear skies tonight. let's take a look at our live doppler 7 radar image.
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you can see cloud free sky now for some time. and our current temperatures are these. some low 40s inland so once again, it's going to be chilly to colder. and we've got 51 degrees in redwood city. temperature change indicates it's four degrees milder now in redwood city than yesterday. five degrees milder in napa. 70 degrees -- 7 degrees milder in half moon bay. milder weather is on the way. cold snap eases tonight. sunny skies and milder weather tomorrow, milder days will continue into next week. but still, we have chilly weather overnight. lows dropping to 30 in napa. 30 vallejo. 28 fairfield.
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30 in livermore, you can see high pressure building in deflecting the jet stream well north. we do have clear skies and milder afternoons. and again, that trend going to continue throughout the weekend. and highs in upper 50s to about 60 in palo alto and mountain view. downtown san francisco, coming up to 57 degrees tomorrow, 55 in the sunset district. north bay, look for upper 50s to about 60s in santa rosa. and east bay, highs of 59 in oakland, union city. inland east bay is standing and getting milder. 57 in concord, dublin axñwh@&y pleasanton. near monterey bay, highs into low 60s near the bay and inland. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. watch temperatures rise. friday, saturday, sunday, local, inland highs 62 degrees up to 64 around the bay. 62 degrees on the coast, those three days. it doesn't look like we have a threat of rainfall for a swhi. that pattern continues into next week. >> that looks great. >> yes. >> feels great. >> yes. >> still coming up a cast that used up at least one of its nine lives. >> we'll show you what
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we have breaking news involving 787 dream liner, routers is reportedding japanese company is grounding all of the flights after another problem. friday of a new route there were two major incidents involving two 787 jets in boston last week. a fire, fuel leak there. is a 787 sked yauled to leave
6:25 pm
tokyo in two hours for san jose. we just received word the flight has been canceled with return flight scheduled for tomorrow. >> and east bay families cat is home tonight after being shot with an arrow. and kfc, a cat was hit with an arrow roaming the family's rural property. the family found him injured yesterday and rushed him to the vet. the vet says he was in good shape, considering an arrow went through his body it didn't hit vital organs. he was very, sli lucky. >> animal services took the arrow as evidence if they can track down the shooter and prove intent that, person could face an animal cruelty charge. >> there is more still to come here tonight at 6:00. just ahead big facebook event we'll tell but and what it could mean for other bay area companies. >> and here is lance armstrong
6:26 pm
a dozen years ago. >> and a new way to hon ter of spread of the nationwood flu outbreak. when it arrives in your neighborhood. stay with
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facebook is going into the search business but it's not like google or yahoo or bing. it could bring the one billion users closer together. abc 7 news has the story tonight from san jose. >> facebook kept a lid on this new project. no video cameras were allowed. >> most people don't think about facebook as a place to discover they can go eat. >> facebook calling it graph search letting users type in queries such as what are movies my friends like? or looking for photos of my kñ) 1999.
6:30 pm
it makes everything public on facebook searchable. mark zuckerberg stresses only public content will show up privacy settings are more important. so if there is an ugly picture, it may not be on the time ó >> users can put themselves on a waiting list to try it out. zuckerberg says they haven't figured out how to make money from it. it could replace yelp for reviews. >> this has to put fear into them at this point that facebook with a billion users and data and beginning on this road to developing a real search engine has to be something that they're concerned about. >> facebook graph search taps into the user who's have posted 240 billion photos and
6:31 pm
made a trillion connections, sharing their likes and interests. graph search takes a query and return to you the answer. not linked to other places where0)áy you may get the answer it aprilers it's aimed at desk top users. however, zuckerberg says they're working on that. >> wall street less than impressed today, facebook stock, which has been on the rise in anticipation of the event went into another direction, falling nearly 3%. >> money matters apple weighs down wall street. dow jones gained 19 points after better than expected retail numbers. and after two days. reports it may be cutting production of the iphone 5. a cup kp called hard candy cases is moving its headquarters to oakland. the company reesed 4600 square
6:32 pm
feet at jack london square f you're planning to sell your home, latest index shows prices up 7.4%, best year over year increase in six and a half years, walmart plans to increase purchases and they're pledging to hire veterans who need the job as long as they've been given honorable discharge. >> the3%[z world antidoping agey says lance armstrong's md ad mission isn't enough. the agency says armstrong needs to make a full confession under oath. for years he denied use of performance-enhacing drugs but he's done a 180 in his interview, told cbs this morning it was difficult. many say it's merely a public relations stunt. >> everything in the past weekow
6:33 pm
is self-serving all about salvaging what is left of his brand. >> armstrong last competed in twun at san francisco grand prix bike rice. having won three of the seven title autos flu season is sweeping the nation. and now, you can watch it happen in realtime online. abc 7 news has a look at tool taz can track flu cases roit down to streets their on, perhaps even letting you know who passed it on to you. >> i'm sitting home, feeling miserable. >> last week, christina called in sick, she began wondering who got her sick, turns out there is a face bk app called help mirk friend gave me the flu. >> it scrapes data and start looking for the tell tale signs. search terms like sneeze, cold, flu. >> in seconds she got a list of four likely suspects who
6:34 pm
have posted about being sick. >> so sorry guys but i'm going to be warning you for the next couple week autos crawling facebook and twitter about posts being feeling ill, germ tracker plots likely flu cases on the map. >> people do post on facebook and twitter short status updates saying feeling miserable. you know?"mm;j mentioning they may be working from home. so these apps can pick up that. relies on volunteers if they have the flu. >> it shows you whether the right after this sk high or not. how many people are psych but she says her favorite comes from google showing who is searching for flu symptom autos people asking how do i get a fever down? what kinds of medications should i take? google is updating every day. >> each web site paint a different picture but form a big÷÷l?o picture officials say
6:35 pm
could be just as valuable. >> we're recognizing in public health you need everything. what we want to do to be able to show what the numbers actually are. that takes a combination of traditional methods as well as newer crowd sourcing method autos season fran dr. phillips says one thing they don't change. the best way to fight it is a flu shot. >> for those of news california there is time to get vaccine. boy urge everyone to do that. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> coming up next, cutting edge tech
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we're getting braces on your teeth can be unsettling for some. but now technology is making part of that process a lot more comfortable. >> hell elen is all smiles, a smile is improving. >> today we're going to scan your teeth. >> she's been fitted for invi
6:39 pm
invisalign braces. method her dent gist using to adjust them is a departure. >> it's a scanner, we can have digital models without needing to take goopy impression autos first, dr. garnett reaches for the wand style scanner connected to a computer system beaming the images to the lab he guides the camera around her jaw line. it produces no radiation. >> you can get this in this area there. >> the camera then builds a map of her teeth, computer alerts if a section does not have a complete image. >> it's very precise and accurate. the trays fit better. >> she says it's typically quicker than traditional. >> we have to leave goopy
6:40 pm
impression material in their mouth three to five minutes and if it wasn't good they'd have to take another one. >> cost can vary but the doctor does not charge extra for digital impressions. >> this -- just be more confident. not worry about what my teeth look like what. people think. you know? >> around around time tends to be faster because they're set instantly. information store wtd images helps speed up much of the process. >> that is interesting. michael finney sup next to help a woman with her pool problem. it's a valuable lesson for all of us about dealing with a
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on owe to consumer news, home warranties supposed to give people who buy them piece of mind. >> customers feel they're not being treated well, kibt truss freighted. >> yes. a case in point really. >> yes.
6:44 pm
home warranties are wonder whfl everything goes right buchl when there is a problem, it can get frustrating. look at this beautiful pool with this this home in san jose. the sweep is running well, water is clear. but a while back there was a problem. >> the pool gets sent a message. the pool sweep broke. the pump broke also. he said would you like me to replace it? i said we have a home warranty. >> she called her warranty provider sensible0+f7 home warranty z after a few conversations and missed connections, she was told to go ahead with the repair. >> the young girl looked on the screen and had no qualms telling me get it fixed and send us a bill. fax it to this number. i said fine. >> the bill was $982.
6:45 pm
she wasn't paid. >> in the end i got just so frustrated i decided to call 7 on your side. so here i am. >> mad lynn received a check for $316.28. >> there was no portion that added up to what they suffer covered. it wasn't a booster bump and labor. less the sales tax. there is no combination. i don't know where they got that number from. >> here being look yourself. we contact the company again, and it offered an additional $131.72. which brings total to $500 which is the amount specified in the contract. and in the future, she will leave the pool out of the home warranty. >> i'm just going to pay our pool servicing guy to do whatever he needs to could do. >> the bbb gives sensible home
6:46 pm
warranty a d minus rating. >> thank you. >> sure. >> we're following breaking news for you now in san jose two. children have been knit a crosswalk. >> they were riding or walking across the street east of king street. >> one bike is underneath the small suv. we have a crew at the scene and will update you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now, let's focus again on weather. and cold front its good beginning to ease up. clear skies tonight. the cold snap is winding down. look for sunny skies. it will be cool in northern parts of the state. highs into low to mid-50s. upper 60s in los angeles,
6:47 pm
mid-60s into san diego. tomorrow, after a chilly start well see sunny skies in the afternoon, high temperatures up to 60 degrees in palo alto and fremont. 60 in santa cruz. 59 in oakland. here is the accu-weather forecast. high temperatures into low to mid-60s by fridayóbcxñ z stayinn that range throughout early next week. so there is a steady pattern. >> nice change of race. >> we -- pace. >> mavericks surf competition could take place this weekend, maybe. swells could produceubwq waves f more than 25 feet. organizers should know by friday or saturday if conditions will be right. the contest is open until march 31. we'll have to see what happens#.
6:48 pm
>> 49ers versus falcon autos if 49er goesing to reach super bowl they're going to have to do something they've not been able to accomplish yet, this season. >>
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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good evening, if you believe in "sports illustrated" cover jinx, don't look at this. 49ers quarterback is featured after his record setting game against green bay w a photo, right over there. and 49ers will visit falcons on sunday, the winner heading to super bowl 47. mike shumann with more now.wñ4r >> 49ers haven't been back to back title games since 19992
6:52 pm
they went to three straight. last year's loss to the giants gave thiser's team a feel for what it take autos we didn't understand magnitude of the moment. and in a game like this, it's each and every play. we have to make sure we understand that now. >> not everybody. this game is toughest to win because it gets you into the super bowl. ied. >> athletic, he -- i think if you knows once he brecks a punt he's looking to throw the ball more. you know? once he takes off, you know? so it zant matter. >> matt ryan won his first
6:53 pm
playoff game last week. >> the weather they have, they'll have a field day. so we have to get through it. >> there is a transition indoors. >> i foe. we've placed a lot of times in the dome this year and played games. >> 49ers haven't won three straight games all season. they'll have to do just that to goat their sixth super bowl. >> s hu. will be traveling to atlanta to cover the game. the reports start on friday right here on abc 7 news. the san diego chargers hired a new head coach. mike mccoy takes over for norm turfer. he won in denver.
6:54 pm
his next project trying to fix phillip rivers. >> the man when brought professional hockey to san jess yeah died today. gund and his brother started sharks expansion in 1991, really risky business at the time, because nobody knew if hockey would catch on in the bay area, guns owned the team for a decade before selling it to the current group. if you watch this year's australian open you're going to see a lot of yellow. exciting match and 18th ranked first that goes to a tie breaker. a little first sex second set
6:55 pm
is another tie breaker. this freshman up in four sets. and advances to second round. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> that yellow pops. >> it does. >> a former head coach is now... >> right. niners is now defensive coordinator. he knows a lot of niner players. interesting thing, 49ers are going to counter with frank gore up the middle a pillin times. >> it's a chess match. >> it will be fun. >> yes. a couple new fan photos we can share, this shows a dog in a niner's hoody. >> take a look at this one. it's a mock up of a super bowl
6:56 pm
ring on his head. keep sending your pictures to you report atçdcv we'll show some of them on the air. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, surprising research that suggests children can grow out of autism. >>kf5÷ and after shoogts oakland considering hiring a super cop and what that means. >> jimmy kimmel live, guests tonight rob lowe, brice harper and music from big boy. >> that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. [ fingers tapping ]
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a u.s. army reserve family support assistant from philadelphia, pennsylvania... and our returning co-champions, a technical project manager from new york, new york... and a strategic analyst for nasa from hunstville, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- thank you, johnny. and welcome, everyone. for the second time in less than a week, kristin is a co-champion, and on yesterday's program, earned more money than in her previous three victories. scott is the other co-champion, and katie is the challenger. good luck to all of you. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories for you. first off... followed by... and finally... alex: and, kristin, you start us off. let's begin with on the magazine's cover for $200. katie. what is people? that's the magazine.

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